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Re: Hard Bondage, Brutal Domination,Extreme Torture and Humiliation (Crazy BDSM)

Arousing Audrey part 3

The darkly mysterious Audrey Noir is our specimen this week...Once tied up, she seems to exist in a bit of a mist, until she feels pain, and she suddenly animates...Feenix toys with her state of mind, finding the implements and places to use them that arouse the screams he enjoys hearing....He refuses hwer any pleasure in the beginning, then spreads her wide to objectify her cunt with pleasure overload...He probes deeper in the final scene and we see Audrey wrythe through orgasms and spasms.

Format:   mp4
Duration:  9:42
Video:   1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 2503kbps
Audio:   309kbps

385887f843c0d38a327948d86eeccbcd.jpg aec1e52ffa926ca1f5610eed88b0f1f8.jpg
c9e3d7c86f2cfa4996d401c99c7b9218.jpg 3c2a3e34f3ec2b48969cc4ae02609d87.jpg

File size: 200.4 MB
Download Arousing Audrey part 3

Nipple clamps training self cuffing

Video language: English

I can not deal with nipple clamps, and I am jealous of girls who can. My nipples are far more sensitive than other girls' nipples and these clover clamps hurt me so much! Sir wants me to train more with clamps, but I will take them off as soon as I can because it is just too much. Yesterday, Sir told me to nipple clamp myself and then cuff my hands above my head so I wouldn't be able to take them off! It was horrible, but I did it!

Format:   mp4
Duration:  4:21
Video:   1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 14588kbps
Audio:   187kbps

017a40ea989fa722f534872ff61aaef8.jpg 76b8fbebf7a297d1c5dbe679ce397fc3.jpg
ba6953227be25774838422d6f715de04.jpg 239c7e333c7dc59ebed9cc27b44c2f0b.jpg

File size: 471.8 MB
Download Nipple clamps training self cuffing


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