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Jenni A Extenian by Luca Helios Nude & Sexy Photo Set

Jenni A Extenian by Luca Helios Nude & Sexy Photo Set

228866296_jenni_a_extenian_by_luca_helios_nude__sexy_photo_set.jpg 228866297_jenni_a_extenian_by_luca_helios_nude__sexy_photo_set.jpg 228866299_jenni_a_extenian_by_luca_helios_nude__sexy_photo_set.jpg 228866303_jenni_a_extenian_by_luca_helios_nude__sexy_photo_set.jpg 228866304_jenni_a_extenian_by_luca_helios_nude__sexy_photo_set.jpg 228866305_jenni_a_extenian_by_luca_helios_nude__sexy_photo_set.jpg 228866308_jenni_a_extenian_by_luca_helios_nude__sexy_photo_set.jpg 228866313_jenni_a_extenian_by_luca_helios_nude__sexy_photo_set.jpg

Age: 27
Eyecolor: BLUE
Haircolor: BLOND
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Breast Size: Medium
Measurements: 89/67/94
Country: Czech Republic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bio: She is another popular model in the market that is really at the centre point of attentions! She was mostly made popular by MET-ART, where she most likely appeared for the firt time. Cute looks, elegant face & great potential to seduce! She has experience in beauty & modeling. She treats her well-shaped body to regular aerobic, doing at least 40 min. a day of Hula-Hoop, Playing badminton in the park with her friends. Going to massage & swimming is part of her life. She finds vegetable foods healthier than meat. Of course fish is not included in her turn-offs list! She had a nice kitty which two years ago she lost in a car crash. She lives alone & her favorite man should be handsome, have integrity & honesty!     

Total images 146
Size 572.07 MB
Formats jpg
Width 5616
Height 10461


https://filejoker.net/pb7fgioeho9c/Jenn … to_Set.z01
https://filejoker.net/s1nm5yrcsc6o/Jenn … to_Set.zip


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